It is very important that every business and commercial transactions are set out in a well drafted and written agreements in order to protect your business and rights. We will assist clients in the negotiating and drafting of customised agreements. Our services include the following, which is not an exhaustive list:

* Shareholders Agreements;
* Partnership Agreements;
* Joint Venture Agreements;
* Non-disclosure and confidentiality Agreements;
* Sale/Purchase of Shares Agreements;
* Sale/Purchase of Business Agreements;
* Sale/Purchase of Immovable and Movable Property;
* Lease Agreements;
* Employment Agreements;
* Restraint of Trade Agreements;
* Service Level Agreements;
* IT related Agreements;
* Loan Agreements;
* Surety, Pledge and Cession Agreements;
* Trusts.


The transfer of the ownership of a property, like a house, is known as the conveyancing process. The registration of the transfer of the ownership from one entity or person to another is registered the Deeds Office.
The Seller of a property has the right to appoint and instruct the conveyancer or the transferring attorney to attend to the process of registering the transfer of the ownership of the immovable property in the Deeds Office. The Seller and Purchaser can however agree that the Purchaser can make this appointment. There are usually three attorneys involved in the transfer process, namely the transferring attorney, the bond cancellation attorney (to cancel the Seller’s Bond) and the bond registration attorney (to register the Purchaser’s bond).
We assist our clients with the conveyancing process anywhere in South Africa and as quickly and effectively as possible from the drafting of an Offer to Purchase to the final registration in the name of the Purchaser in the Deeds Office.

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We also provide advice and assistance with the following:
* Deceased Estate Transfers;
* Township establishments;
* Opening of Sectional Title Schemes; and
* Registration of Consolidations and subdivisions.


We offer outstanding correspondent services since 1999.
We are ideally situated within the jurisdiction of the Pretoria Magistrates, Pretoria Regional and Pretoria High Court and have a service address for the Pretoria North Magistrates and Regional Court.
We offer also correspondent services in the Pretoria Deeds Office and Pretoria Master’s Office.
We strive to offer professional, efficient and personalised correspondent services and our fees are negotiable.


We are able to assist and provide advice on almost all aspects of civil litigation from identifying causes of action, preparation of claim, trials and appeals. We can also assist in matters through the channels of alternative dispute resolution.
We are ideally located in Pretoria and practice regularly in the Pretoria and Pretoria North Magistrates and Regional Courts as well as in the Gauteng Division of the High Court in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We are also able to practice in the courts of other jurisdictions as and when required.


We offer a one stop service for all notarial services, such as:
* Antenuptial (marriage) contracts:
This is a written contract between two people who are about to marry in terms of which they choose that they do not want to marry in community of property. This contract enabled the parties to retain independent estates and avoid the consequences of marriage in community of property. The Antenuptial Agreement must be signed before the marriage is concluded before a notary public. If the parties get married without entering into an Antenuptial Contract, their marriage will by default be regarded as in community of property. It will be possible to change the matrimonial property regime after date of marriage by way of any application to the High Court to change their marital regime and to register a postnuptial agreement with the Deeds Office.
* Servitudes:
Servitudes over or in favour of immovable property, such as a right of way, water servitudes, grazing servitudes and personal servitudes such as usufruct (right to use and enjoy a property), use (right to use/occupy a property) and habitation (right to dwell/live in the house of another) or the cancellation of such servitudes is registered by way of a notarial agreement, which must be registered in the Deeds Office against the relevant property(ies).
* Long term lease agreements
A lease agreement for longer than 10 years must be in the form of a notarial lease agreement and must be registered in the Deeds Office against the title of the property being leased.
* Attesting, Authenticating and Certifying of Documents
Foreign entities and some state departments may require that some documentation, affidavits or copies of documents must be attested, authenticated, verified or certified by a notary public.


We can assist and support clients in all aspects of personal and family law, which includes:
* antenuptial contracts (marriage contracts);
* cohabitation agreements;
* Life partnership agreements;
* post-nuptial agreements;
* Family Trusts;
* legal separation;
* obtaining or opposing of Domestic Violence matters;
* interim maintenance and residency (custody) of children;
* interim access to and contact with children;
* uncontested or contested formal divorce proceedings;
* the referring disputes to the Office of the Family Advocate;
* obtaining of assessment reports from psychologists or social workers;
* settling of a divorce;
* permanent residency (custody) of children;
* parental right such as contact and access to children;
* preparing/negotiating of parenting plans;
* registering of parenting plans with the Family Advocate or making a parenting plan an order of Court;
* the amendment of existing settlement agreements; and
* applications to the Court for an amendment of a maintenance order.

Our aim is always to attempt the mediation a settlement in any family related matter in order to avoid and minimise a lengthy and expensive process.


We have experience in assisting and advising clients as well as in litigation regarding the interpretation and implementation of the provisions of the relevant legislation on petroleum products, including site and retail licence applications for petrol filling station and objections to the Controller of Petroleum Products with the Department of Energy in terms of the Petroleum Products Act.


We offers services in the drafting of wills and in administrating deceased estates. The death of a loved one is a very traumatic and emotional experience and the finalisation of an estate is often a complexed and lengthy process and we can assist you during this process from the appointment of the executor, opening of an estate bank account, statutory advertisements, liquidation and distribution accounts, redistribution agreements, transfer/selling of immovable property and payments to beneficiaries.